Top 10 CREEPY Plants You Won't Believe Actually Exist!

Top 10 CREEPY Plants You Won't Believe Actually Exist! from youtube by Top10Army
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The 10 bizarrest, creepiest and scariest plants on earth!

The following creepy plants are listed in this video:

The creepy dolls eyes from North America s highly poisonous.
The giant corpse flower from sumatra smells incredibly bad.
The bizarre dracula orchid looks like a bloodsucking vampire.
The sleepy plant can move its leaves.
The little apple of death contains strong toxins.
The scary plant prefers birds and rats on its diet.
Capsicum Annuum is a very hot looking and tasting chili pepper.
The telegraph plant is able to move its leaves to maximise light.
The corpse flower that produces the largest individual flower on earth is endemic to the rainforests of borneo and sumatra.
The carnivorous venus flytrap is native to north and south carolina.

Check out our sources if you like:

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