Deadly police shooting: Bodycam shows Kingman, Arizona cops shooting armed suspect dead - TomoNews

Deadly police shooting: Bodycam shows Kingman, Arizona cops shooting armed suspect dead - TomoNews from youtube by TomoNews US
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KINGMAN, ARIZONA — A police department in Arizona has released bodycam footage from a deadly encounter that killed one and injured another.

The video was posted on the Kingman Police Department’s Facebook page along with a press release.

According to the press release, officers went to a local residence on Thursday to serve a search warrant for a stolen weapon. Inside the house, suspect Jeffrey Clair Cave was alone but armed.

The footage shows police repeatedly banging on the door and eventually pushing it open to reveal Cave standing inside holding a weapon. Police are heard screaming for Cave to drop the gun in his right hand, which was pointed at the floor. Cave doesn’t do as they ask and even dares them to shoot him.

After more attempts to get the suspect to stand down, one officer finally fires a Taser. Cave immediately raises his gun in response and shoots it twice before being gunned down by police.

Cave died in the encounter, while one officer, 57-year-old Dennis Gilbert, received a bullet wound to the chest. Cave’s other bullet hit another cop, passing through his clothes but luckily not injuring him.

An outside agency, the Bullhead City Police Department, is investigating the shooting.

Officer Gilbert and another officer, 27-year-old Nicholas Schmitz, were the ones who fired at Cave. They have been put on paid administrative leave as part of protocol.

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