Bodycam Video Shows Fatal Shooting Of Woman With Knife

Bodycam Video Shows Fatal Shooting Of Woman With Knife from youtube by JT Smith
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Greensboro, NC - The Greensboro Police Department released the body cam video Wednesday of the deadly officer-involved shooting of Chieu Vo in March 2014.

The video is being released at the request of the Vo family and after the Greensboro City Council voted to release the footage.

The Vo family saw the body camera video of the incident last week for the first time and their attorney Tin Nguyen called the shooting unjustified.

However, Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott called the shooting both reasonable and justified.

Scott and other police officers provided details about the circumstances leading up to the fatal shooting.

911 calls show a witness called authorities, stating Vo was chasing her mother around with a knife. A 911 caller identified the knife as a meat cleaver. Capt. Mike Richey says the blade was eight inches and took up the majority of Vo’s forearm.

When the officer arrived on the scene, he asks witnesses the whereabouts of Vo. A witness who called 911 responds to the officer. During that interaction, the body camera video shows Vo running towards the officer with a knife in her left hand. The video captures the officer screaming, “put it down,” before firing several rounds.

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