5 Summer Accessories Every Man MUST Have | Summertime Casual Men's Wardrobe Essentials

5 Summer Accessories Every Man MUST Have | Summertime Casual Men's Wardrobe Essentials from youtube by Real Men Real Style
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Their new line "The Minimalist” features the world’s thinnest wooden *************, which was difficult to engineer and took more than a year to develop. It includes:
-Sleek 40mm case
-Genuine Italian leather band
-Very reliable Japanese Quartz Movement
-Affordable Luxury - $149 price point

Video Summary:
0:27 - #1 The Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses
2:11 - #2 Find A Unique Watch
3:46 - #3 A Protective Hat
5:09 - #4 Lightweight Footwear
5:45 - #5 Leather Notebook

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