100 BOX GUNS vs FLYING DARK PEASANT - Totally Accurate Battle Simulator | Pungence

100 BOX GUNS vs FLYING DARK PEASANT - Totally Accurate Battle Simulator | Pungence from youtube by Pungence
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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay! All new Neon Faction units and a new Neon map! Flying Dark Peasant vs 100 Box Guns! TABS new units, new update! Energy Boxer vs Super Boxer! This update has new units, including Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, the Ninja, Ninja Master, Taekwondo, Super Peasant, Samurai Master, and more! Is this the funniest game of the year?! Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) is a hilarious game where you choose different warriors to battle in various formations and it simulates what would happen! TABS Tournament Round 1: http://bit.ly/2bPolsk
You can sign up for the alpha here: http://bit.ly/2a9nEnf
There are two teams, Red vs Blue, and you can choose from peasant, boxer, footman, barbarian, poacher, farmer, spearman, shield, archer, chariot, cannoncrew, ballista, and catapult!

Sign up for the Open Alpha here!: www.landfall.se/totally-accurate-battle-simulator

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Changelog 0.1.13

Fixed the crazy stretching bug
Shields now completely stop arrows
Unit speeds have been normalized to allow for easier formation building
Arrows now stick to targets more accurately
Archer accuracy greatly increased
Archer damage increased
Archer range increased
Archer rate of fire slightly increased
Poacher hp nerf
Poachers and Archers now take damage when their bow is hit to stop awkward bow hugging situations
Cannonball speed increased
Unit base turn speed doubled. No more circle running
Ballistas should no longer go into a stalemate
Spearmen: spear weight increase to make them better at keeping formation
Spearmen now hold their spears somewhat higher and are less likely to get their spear stuck
Peasent removed from the game
Peasant added to the game
Musketeer added
Hwacha added
Range unit targeting AI improved. They will now try to space out their fire between targets.
Range unit accuracy greatly improved

Enjoy Totally Accurate Battle Simulator with no bad words, no cussing, and no swearing!

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Trailer: http://bit.ly/2avRTqV

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