10 Animals You Won't Believe Humans Eat Alive

10 Animals You Won't Believe Humans Eat Alive from dailymotion by Geo Beats
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Here are 10 animals some people dare to eat alive.

Some animals have gotten a bad rap for their habit of eating people alive.

Well, it turns out that people have been known to eat a live animal from time to time themselves.

Here are 10 of them.

Number 10. Octopus. Sitting down to a plate full of diced up, yet still moving, tentacles is popular in Korea. Aficionados describe the sensation as enjoyable, especially when the pieces try to climb their way back up.

Number 9. Shrimp. There are a couple of ways this is done. One, called dancing shrimp, is served sashimi-style, its legs and antennae still wiggling even though the head has often been removed. Drunken shrimp is cooked in alcohol, but that doesn’t seem to calm it down much.

Number 8. Witchetty grub. These Australian white moth larvae are said to be an excellent source of protein and have a nutty flavor, similar to that of an almond. They’re pretty big, so they’re probably also pretty filling.

Number 7. Ants. Everybody’s probably accidentally eaten a few, but when world-renowned chef Rene Redzepi opened a pop-up restaurant in London, people were doing it on purpose. They were served running around on a cabbage leaf and reportedly taste like lemongrass.

Number 6. Casu marzu. This sheep’s milk cheese starts off as a normal Italian pecorino, but eventually ends up being filled with fly larvae – on purpose.

Number 5. Carp. Taiwanese diners have taken to eating partially fried carp. PETA has had quite a bit to say about this menu item.

Number 4. Frogs. So, not only is it served alive, skinned, and mostly cut into sashimi, all of this is often done tableside. There’s a video of the dish being prepared and served at a restaurant in Japan on the Internet. Many of the commenterss don’t seem to be fans.

Number 3. Ikizukuri. Everybody loves their sushi and sashimi as fresh as can be, but many draw the line at eating straight from a fish that’s still alive. Prepared and served much like the still-breathing frog, Ikizukuri is best enjoyed by those who don’t mind making eye contact with their dinner.

Number 2. Sea urchins. The creatures’ sharp, spiny exterior isn’t deterrent enough for those who are serious about getting their sushi or roe fix.

Number 1. Fruit bats. Plucked from its natural habitat and tossed straight into a pot of simmering water and served with coconut milk, the not quite dead fruit bats are said to make a delicious soup. Well, at least by the group of locals in Guam who make a habit of eating it.